Other LocoMotive Artists

LocoMotive Entertainment would like to kick off 2017 by welcoming the following additions to our label:

Luigi OG.jpg

Luigi Og

LocoMotive Entertainment welcomes pianist, composer, and producer Luigi OG to the team. His connection with LM began with his collaboration with Mxlcxlm Z "Make it Happen." Click the button to learn more about this artist and hear his music.


Space Team

The lyrical duo of Mizfit and Yung Na$a is another addition to the 2017 roster. These young men have ambition, and they got the power. To hear their music, click the button.


Jamaal Lynd3L

An extremely talented vocalist new to the Colorado scene from Virginia. His powerful voice can be heard featured on singles by Anthony Scott such as "Can't Wait" and "Simple Things," the Space Team on "Look at my Ice" and "Wish you the Best," as well as with Mxlcxlm Z on "Move On." More information and singles to come from this talented singer!