Envisions Album Art.jpg


by Anthony Scott

Praised for its unique combination of both style and content, Anthony Scott's "Envisions" incorporates raw, passion-filled lyrics into heavy 808 basslines and groovy, stylistic melodies for a sound that resonates with listeners young and old. Aiming to bridge generational gaps and appeal to a wide range of demographics, the LocoMotive Entertainment emcee improves on the styles he originated with the September 2016 release of "D-League,” which included singles like "All the Way," and "Recipe." Featuring guest verses from Colorado heavy-hitters King Tef (of Top Flight Empire) and Bvggs, as well as up-and-coming vocalist Jamaal Lynd3L, Anthony Scott's "Envisions" is a blend of gritty, unapologetic rap, new age hip hop, and soulful R&B rolled into one smooth package.