DNA rides "The New Wave" on his Fresh, New EP

After going all of 2016 without releasing a solo project, DNA ushers in 2017 on a "new wave" of music that did not disappoint his patient fans. Including hit single "Know Wassup," the 7-track EP boasts two features from Denver recording artists Mike Rose and Spree on the last two songs. With "Stack & Flip" sure to be the breakout single from the project, it's only a matter of time before the entire Box State is riding DNA's wave. 

Anthony Scott “Envisions” the Good Life on his New Album 

Praised for its unique combination of both style and content, Anthony Scott's "Envisions" incorporates raw, passion-filled lyrics into heavy 808 basslines and groovy, stylistic melodies for a sound that resonates with listeners young and old. Aiming to bridge generational gaps and appeal to a wide range of demographics, the LocoMotive Entertainment emcee improves on the styles he originated with the September 2016 release of "D-League,” which included singles like "All the Way," and "Recipe." Featuring guest verses from Colorado heavy-hitters King Tef (of Top Flight Empire) and Bvggs, as well as up-and-coming vocalist Jamaal Lynd3L, Anthony Scott's "Envisions" is a blend of gritty, unapologetic rap, new age hip hop, and soulful R&B rolled into one smooth package. 

The album's intro track "Get It Right," is a high-energy banger driven by a catchy violin melody and heavy 808s. He emphasizes the desire to uplift his fellow man, showcasing his ability to make hit records with positive messages in classic Anthony Scott style. Aided by label-mates Spree and Mxlcxlm Z, Scott goes on to share with listeners his visions for the "good life," on the albums title track "Invisions." The charged "Need Mine" featuring Mxlcxlm Z is a fan-favorite boasting visuals shot in New York City; Scott rounds out the project with his beautifully introspective ballad "The Cause."  

The 13-track project is almost exclusive produced by Florida-beatmaker J Philly, save for two tracks, giving the album a very coherent and complete feel. The intricate mixing and bold, layered vocals showcase both Scott's lyrical ability and deep, soulful singing voice. Wisdom, insight, and gratitude bleed through during tracks "Change Shoes" and "Simple Things," while his youthful passion for music is exhibited by bangers like "Hurt Feelings" and "Solid." "Envisions" is sure to appeal to listeners of all demographics, races, and backgrounds. Whether you are a self-proclaimed "hip-hop-head" or consider yourself the farthest thing from it, you're sure to appreciate the positive messages and good vibes transferred through this album. Get "Envisions" December 9th on LocoMotiveEntertainment.com and follow Anthony Scott on all social media to stay updated and connected! Bless!