to his brothers he's known as the "Ol' Dude," but LocoMotive artist Anthony Scott brings a youthful passion along with true life experience to his music which reflects his positive outlook and hustler's spirit.

Serving as a writer, performer, artist, and business owner, he brings a unique energy into the music industry with his straight-forward approach and smooth, jazz-influenced style.
Anthony was born in Louisville, Kentucky before moving to Colorado Springs, CO in 1984 where he found a home and, soon after, a new passion for writing. After starting with poems and short stories, in his late teens he discovered a talent and love for writing music.

As a major component of LocoMotive's collaborative project "D-League" released Fall 2015 (contributing popular singles such as "Pay,"

"Recipe," and "All the Way"), Anthony has consistently showcased his ability to write, compose, and perform at a high level. His onstage history is highlighted by headlining opportunities with LocoMotive Entertainment at Belle's Lounge in December 2015 as well as opening for top flight empire at the gothic theatre in late 2016.

As well as a respected writer and artist, Anthony is also a dedicated family man with three beautiful daughters and a son. His re-entry into the music world has come with a new vision and healthier outlook on life while he constantly strives to improve his musical style and advance the label and company.


First Solo Project from Anthony Scott - 12.9.16


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